17 ways my family saved $5,409.93 this last year

7 Feb

 How my family saved money

 17 ways my family saved $5,409.93 this last year



1.  Split my Netflix account with an extended family member.  Instead of a $7.99 per month two streaming device plan, we signed up for the four device plan and split the $12 price tag.  Instead of $7.99, now I pay $6.

Annual Savings = $23.88


2.  Shared my cell phone plan with family.  We pay $20 a month for an add on phone plan.  A similar individual plan would cost $45

Annual Savings = $300


3.  Purchased a very nice Roundtree and Yorke, gently worn wool coat from a garage sale.  My cost $3.   A similar wool jacket would cost $80 at Dillard’s

Annual Savings = $77



4.  Purchased a shower curtain rod from Goodwill instead of Walmart.  After completing a few exercise laps in Walmart, I checked the price of the shower rods (10.99) .  I almost hit the buy button, but decided to look at Goodwill and scored one for $2.00

Annual Savings = $8.99


5.  While road tripping this year, we used our Priceline Visa rewards card to purchase our hotel room stays.  This card provides  5% cash back when used on hotel room stays purchased on the Priceline web site.  When you compound this with using their Express Deals feature, you can rack up serious savings.  I used those “credits”  and opted to not pay for one of the hotel stays.  Free $52.28 room.   Thanks Priceline!

Annual Savings = $52.28


6.  While in San Diego, we spent extra time at the beach and waited for happy hour.  Fish tacos are normally $1.99.  During happy hour, they are .99 cents.  Six of them for the family.  Yummy!!  The Shrimp ceviche rocked too at Oscars Mexican Seafood.

Annual Savings = $6



7.   Split a $45 SAM’s club membership with extend family.  Split 2 ways = $22.50    Beans and rice are a staple at my house so we took advantage of the 50 lb sacks of beans and rice they hawk.  (beans:  $33.49   rice: 18.98)  Individually these are about $1.00 per pound elsewhere.  $47.53 savings on these staples alone.  Total savings are $70.03 with the membership split and does not include all the additional items we save on.  Beef Jerky is another score at this store.  

Annual Savings = $70.03


8.  Rented a 2700 PSI professional power washer instead of buying one.  My cost $64.30.  The tool rental employee stated the same machine sells for $400 when they retire them.  If I anticipated needing it multiple times, it makes more sense to purchase the tool (not my case though).

Annual Savings =$335.70


9.  Purchased a nice kitchen table from the neighbor 3 houses down during their moving sale.  The $50 cost included helping walk it down to my house.  A similar new table would cost $300.

Annual Savings =$250



10.  Since the water in my town is undrinkable in my opinion, we purchase our water from a water refill station in the parking lot of the grocery store we frequent.  If I purchase similar water in the store it is $.67 a gallon; my refill just outside is $.25 and I prefer the taste of the refill.  This $.42 cents difference can add up over the year by refilling an average of 1 gallon a day.

Annual Savings =153.30


11.  I negotiated my property management fee’s down from 10% to 8% with my property manager.  That 5 minute call was well worth the time.

Annual Savings =$1080


12.  My wife reduced our sales contract price on a newly acquired rental property by $1000 after the home inspector found a water leak.  Cost of inspection $200. Cost of 2 new water valves = $15.24

Annual Savings = $784.76


13. Delayed the purchase of CPU thermal compound my son needed when assembling a new computer.  We visited Best Buy and found it for $14.99. We scored some at a local computer shop the next day for $2.00

Annual Savings = $12.99


14.  Saved 50% on whale watching tickets, by checking retailmenot.com.  Often we visit this site and search for coupons.  1 minute of my time = great savings.

Annual Savings =$125

Whale watching


15.  Saved on land purchased at the tax sale by waiting for it to be “struck off” to the city.  Sure I might have lost the acquisition to another bidder, but I took the risk and no one bid.  After the auction I drove down to City Hall, they took my name down and locked in the property for $577 less.  If you are interested in tax sale investing, here is a nice primer.

Annual Savings =$577


16.  Purchased a 2008 Toyota Prius and saved on gas.  My 2006 Honda Civic that I traded in gets a combined 30 MPG, my Prius gets 46 MPG combined according to KBB.com.  Averaging the 40,000 or so miles we drove this last year (one trip by itself last Fall was over 8K miles) the savings are $1,508 at $3.50 a gallon of gas.

Annual Savings = $1,508


17.   Purchased a new ceiling fan from a garage sale for $25.  Comparable fans at Home Depot can be had for $70.

Annual Savings =$45




So there it is; 17 ways my family saved $5,409.93 this last year.  How are you optimizing the dollars you have? Remember; keep your expenses low, pay off that debt, save and invest the rest, and join us on the other side and retire before you are dead.


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