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Money values: Debt is counterproductive

5 Mar

       It was unseasonably warm on that early December afternoon in 1993.  Our 40 or so guests were crammed in the backyard of our family friend’s house where brisket and beans were served.  Jennifer and I were so busy with guests, pictures, and a ”Money Dance”, we didn’t have a chance to taste the home cooked meal prepared for us […]

17 ways my family saved $5,409.93 this last year

7 Feb

   17 ways my family saved $5,409.93 this last year     1.  Split my Netflix account with an extended family member.  Instead of a $7.99 per month two streaming device plan, we signed up for the four device plan and split the $12 price tag.  Instead of $7.99, now I pay $6. Annual Savings […]

How living on less than $3K a month led to my early retirement

31 Jan

    How living on less than $3K a month led to my early retirement Jennifer and I retired together at 37 (we are now 39). We did not inherit money from wealthy family members nor hit the lottery. We made very wise decisions during our 20 years of marriage. One of the underlying keys that […]

Over Insured Society

5 Jan

 Over Insured Society In order to become financially independent and retire early, we must look at all of our expenses and optimize them to the fullest.  Insurance is no exception. The first insurance contracts can be traced back to early Chinese and Babylonian merchants who would spread the risk of a total loss of wares by spreading […]

Washing Money

29 Dec

 Washing  Money My friend (no real name given to protect the victim) let’s call her Anne, recently purchased a new LG front loading washer and dryer after her 15-year-old washing machine failed.  $2,092.07 later, Home Depot delivered and hauled off the old working dryer and broke washing machine.  Prior to this purchase, I pled with Anne to […]

Swipe, pin, enter, no cash back

11 Dec

 Swipe, pin, enter, no cash back  At first so loyal, so much promise. How did they know he needed this new shiny shovel?  It must dig better than the three he already has!  As soon as he held it in his hands it was destiny.  Swipe, pin, enter, no cash back.  $27.92 gone.  It was easy.  Did that […]