Do This, Not That; Retire Early

19 Feb

Do this, Do that 



Stop buying crap Buy crap
Buy a house with cash Buy a house with a mortgage
Buy a used car every 10 years Buy a new car every 4 years
Take risks Play it safe
Job hop for a higher salary Stay with one employer your whole career
Subscribe to Netflix Subscribe to Cable
Buy generic Buy name brand
Clean your own house Mr. Slim Pay someone to clean it Mr. Chunky
Use Freecycle and Craigslist Use the retail store
Purchase organic veggies Purchase non organic veggies
Read an investment book Watch American Idol
Drink box wine Drink bottle wine
Save 50% or more of your Salary Save 10% of your Salary
Share a potluck meal with friends often Go out to eat with friends often
Work for 20 years Work for 50 years
Save Don't save
Learn to cook Let someone else cook for you.
When cold; put on pants/sweater When cold; turn up the heater while in shorts/tshirt
Stay married Get divorced
Don't spend every dollar you earn Spend every dollar you earn
Relax Stress
Eat more beans Eat more meat
Seek out opportunity Let opportunity find you
Have sex all night & play hookie from work occasionally  Show up everyday to work
Buy in bulk Buy individually
Rent a Redbox flix Go to the movies
Come up with a solution Buy a solution
Learn what ROI means Learn what BFF means
Take 1 vacation this year Take 2 vacations this year
Laugh more Laugh
Purchase quality used "stuff" Purchase new "stuff"
Send your kids to a highly rated public school Send your kids to a highly rated private school
Delay a purchase Purchase immediately
Invest today Invest tomorrow
Buy a 1500 sqft home Buy a 3000 sqft home
Eat the carrot Chase the carrot
Walk outside Walk at the gym
Fuck the Joneses Keep up with the Joneses
Retire BEFORE you are dead Retire WHEN you are dead



Remember; pay off that debt, save and invest the rest, and join us on the other side and retire before you are dead.


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7 Responses to “Do This, Not That; Retire Early”

  1. TnAndy February 19, 2014 at 7:20 pm #

    Stop buying crap…..totally

    Pay cash for a house. OK….that sounds good, but even a 1500sqft house is going to run 100 to 150k I’m for paying a good chunk down….remember once you get below 80% Loan-to-value, you don’t pay PMI……mortgage insurance that covers the lender if you walk away. (Lot of folks don’t know that). Also, pay MORE than the payment amount EARLY on…..that early money knocks the total interest you pay in the butt…..the last of your payments is nearly all principle.

    Better still….build your own house. Wife and I have lived in two houses during our entire 40+ married years, and we built both….as in “drove every nail” build….not subbed it all out. It is NOT as hard as one might think. The longest we ever had a mortgage was 7 years on the first house. That house paid for the second house cash.

    We buy new cars. I don’t like used cars because they are often ill cared for, and other people’s problems. But we average WELL over 10 years on a car. My last truck, I bought new in 1986, and sold when I bought my current truck in 2003. That was 17 years, if you’re keeping score…..and current truck is 11 years old, and I will keep it at least 5-7 more years. Wife is now driving a 2011 Subaru. Her previous car was a 1998 Honda Accord. 13 years. I do all our own routine maintenance ( oils, fluids, brakes, etc ) and only outsource major work.

    Job Hop. Well….maybe. My wife worked the same place for 32 years. Worked her way up in the organization until she was the 2nd highest paid. I ran my own business. Her job provided a regular check and health insurance, allowing me to take risks with mine and bring home the gravy.

    The biggest thing we did was our second place, we bought LAND….70ac. And developed it into a self sustaining place. It was our second job, hobby and refuge from the world. We rarely took ‘vacations’ because there were few places better than where we live ! We rarely eat out because, frankly, eating mediocre, overpriced food in a place with the noise level of a school cafeteria doesn’t compare to the home produced meats, fruits and veggies we raise. We have no water bill ( spring ), no sewer bill (private septic), little heating bill ( well insulated house and wood heat….wood cut off our property ), no power bill….took my IRA money out years back, and invested in solar power. No cell phone bill…don’t have or need one. Even my internet connection is free…..built a tower at the top of my property so a neighbor could get high speed wireless in ( works at home )and I get mine for free. ( well, almost….I do supply the power…couple bucks a month worth )

    We didn’t retire TOO early, but we retired REALLY well !

  2. Will February 19, 2014 at 7:42 pm #

    Impressive living situation TnAndy! On the car front, my family has purchased two new cars in the past and owned them for 11 and 13 years. We now purchase 2-4 year old Toyota’s and Honda’s.

    Yep, once a persons basic living accommodations are secured; early retirement can be reached with ease.

    Thanks for coming back TnAndy.

  3. Ree Klein February 19, 2014 at 8:07 pm #

    Holy heck. I LOVE THIS POST! Will, your chart is priceless and I could comment on a number of them. I’ll choose this one:

    Come up with a solution vs Buy a solution

    My mother is constantly having “emergencies” that suddenly become my “problems.” For years my immediate reaction was to throw money at the “problem.” However, my wiser sister comes at things with sanity. She always says, “Why does it have to be solved right now? Can she do X, Y or Z until we come up with a less expensive solution?” And usually there is an alternative. Maybe not the most comfortable solution but a solution nonetheless.

    As for TnAndy…what the heck?!?!?! You married the right woman an you are an excellent husband. Sounds like the two of you have been on the same page since day one of your 40-year journey. I take my hat off…you deserve it!


    • Will February 19, 2014 at 8:19 pm #

      Thanks Ree. Glad you are here.

    • TnAndy February 21, 2014 at 7:27 pm #


      You are so right you have no idea ! We married young, (me 20, her 18) I was an E-2 in the Army, and the first thing we did was move 1,000 miles from ‘home’…..and later, Germany. We learned to depend on each other only, have common goals, and be best friends as well as husband and wife.

      She is quite handy….cooks great, sews, knits, etc, and smart as can be….got her PhD along the journey. ( I burned out at a Masters….ahahahaa) She can pinch a penny until it hollers….and yet, had no problem with me sinking 25 grand in a solar power system. ( I often tell her “it could have been a bass boat you know….ahahaaa)

      For two kids that left home with their total world possessions in the trunk and back seat of a ’63 Rambler, we’re now that “millionaire next door”.

      I wouldn’t have given up the trip for anything…..and it just keeps getting better.

      • Ree Klein February 24, 2014 at 10:44 am #

        What a wonderful story! You’re the kind of people I wish lived next door to me :)

  4. The Fake Cheap March 14, 2014 at 5:41 pm #

    Great post. I like the simplicity and directness.

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