Fuck the Joneses

16 Dec



Let me save you some time,  as time is our most precious asset.

Someone will always have more money than you.  They will master a bigger pay check with more vacation time allowed than you do.   They will visit beaches and sip fufu drinks while watching sunsets that you didn’t get to enjoy.  Someone will always have a nicer car than you do.  They will  possess the latest widget4  just as you post to Facebook that you just bought the widget3.  As a matter of  fact, that  ’SUPERIOR’ package of  785 TV channel subscription waste of  life you just purchased, your neighbor just grabbed the 985 channel ’MORE  SUPERIOR’ variety.  Your house will always have one less bathroom than theirs.  Their granite counter tops with molded edges and frosty spiffiness will look better than yours.  Their dog will even smell better.  Fuck the Joneses!

Why keep up?  It sure is a lot of work!   At some point you need to look at your life and say “I have enough.”  I have a good paying  job that I despise, but I have enough.  Become tired of daydreaming while staring at your computer screen, hoping your manager doesn’t notice your glossed over stare.  Take back your time!  This is what you really yearn for.

Become content with simplicity, retire early.


Remember; pay off that debt, save and invest the rest, and join us on the other side and retire before you are dead.


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