Income explained

13 Dec

Income Explained

 Income Explained   Webster’s dictionary defines income as money that is earned from work, investments, business, etc.  For the majority, when we think of income, it is the type that gets direct deposited into our checking account from our employer (Earned Income).  In order to speed up your path to financial freedom/early retirement, you need to focus […]

Reverse engineer your expenses

12 Dec

 How much would you pay today to never have to pay your monthly Netflix bill anymore for life?   $100, $200, $500, $2500……….   The Netflix monthly subscription is $7.99 per month. How about your family’s monthly food bill that averages $500.  Would you pay $9,500 today to never have to buy food anymore for life?  Or would you pay $24,000?  Maybe $56,000? […]

Swipe, pin, enter, no cash back

11 Dec

 Swipe, pin, enter, no cash back  At first so loyal, so much promise. How did they know he needed this new shiny shovel?  It must dig better than the three he already has!  As soon as he held it in his hands it was destiny.  Swipe, pin, enter, no cash back.  $27.92 gone.  It was easy.  Did that […]

Reframe your thinking, shift your perspective

9 Dec

Reframe your thinking, shift your perspective I am going to ask you to become uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable with the financial education/advice you have been taught by companies, financial advisors, teachers, friends, family and the media.  I want you to get mad that you have been misled by a lot of the information these folks have pushed […]

Crossover Point

9 Dec

The crossover point In order to retire early, you must understand the crossover point.  This is point that your investment income exceed your expenses.   Once you have reached this point you are Financially Independent (FI) and no longer need to work.  Welcome to retirement, it’s yours. Example: My family’s expenses are $5600 a month.  My […]