Run The Numbers

22 Dec

run  the  numbers


What are the impacts of the choices you are making, specifically the financial choices?  Or are you just going through life not thinking about them.

Did you understand the interest on that 30 year mortgage is 3 times more than the amount you borrowed when you signed your closing documents?  Could you have re-positioned those $500,000 in interest payments you are making to eliminate other expenses for life?  Did that master’s degree that cost you $54,000 in tuition payments and $120,000 in missed income while you were in school; pay out over your working career?  Did you recoup that $174,000?  Would it have been a better financial decision to only get your bachelors degree?  Was that last promotion worth it?  Did the extra pay, greater responsibilities, and more stress; out way being content or happy with your previous position? Could you have used that time and effort elsewhere if you had not taken the promotion?

In order to reach financial independence/early retirement you need to run the numbers.  Perform a cost/benefit analysis yourself and don’t assume what your parents, friends, and media tell you are the best thing for you.  Yes it will be difficult and it takes time. It takes a lot of effort to think, analyze, and act all by yourself, but the benefits will out way the costs!


Remember; pay off that debt, save and invest the rest, and join us on the other side and retire before you are dead.


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